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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-40. CAMSHAFT CAM FOLLOWER, AND PUSHROD REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS c.  Inspection (Contd) NOTE Repeat step 13 for each cam follower housing. 13. Cam follower housing (13) a.  Inspect for cracks, breaks, Discard if damaged or worn. gasket surface imperfections, broken-out sections, distortion, excessive wear, and other damage. b.  Inspect edges of expansion If holes were damaged, use 240- plug holes for sharp edges, nick, grit aluminum paper to remove and other damage. any sharp edges.  Chamfer edge of holes to aid in installation of cam follower shaft (12). NOTE Intake,  exhaust,  and  injector  cam  followers  are  inspected  the  same  way.    Do  steps  14 through 19 for any intake, exhaust, or injector cam followers. 14. Cam follower (8) or (9) a.  Inspect cam follower bushing Discard cam follower (8) or (9) if (15) for scratches, pitting, cam follower bushing (15) is scoring, and other damage. damaged. b.  Using suitable micrometer, Cam follower bushing (15) measure inside diameter of cam diameter must measure 0.7501- follower bushing (15). 0.7511 in. (19.053-19.078 mm). Discard cam follower if cam fol- lower bushing (15) diameter meas- ures more than 0.752 in. (19.101 mm). c.  Inspect for cracks using Discard cam follower (8) or (9) if magnetic method.  Apply coil any cracks are found.  Be sure to magnetization; amperage at check carefully for cracks on areas 300-500 with residual Magnaglo. of cam follower (8) or (9) shown in illustration. 3-198


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