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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-40. CAMSHAFT, CAM FOLLOWER, AND PUSHROD REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS c.  Inspection (Contd) 14. Cam follower (8) or (9) d.  Magnetization with Magnaglo (Contd) is one of the best methods for this inspection.  The part is magnetized and covered with a fine magnetic powder.  In the vicinity of the crack, there is a disturbance of the Magnaglo which gathers in the crack and effectively marks it. e.  Inspect pushrod insert (16) for scoring, galling, pitting, and excessive wear. f.  Check pushrod insert (16) Apply a coat of Prussian blue using ball end of new pushrod compound to ball end of new push- (6) or (7). rod (6) or (7).  Put ball end of new pushrod (6) or (7) into pushrod insert (16) and rotate 80.  Replace cam follower (8) or (9) if pushrod insert (16) is damaged or has less than 80 percent contact with ball end of new pushrod (6) or (7). 15. Roll pin (18) Using hammer and punch, drive out roll pin (18).  Remove roller pin (17) and cam follower roller (19) from cam follower (8) or (9). 16. Cam follower roller (19) a.  Inspect for cracks, breaks, and Discard cam follower (8) or (9) if other damage. cam follower roller (19) is dam- aged. 3-200


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