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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-41. ROCKER LEVERS AND HOUSING REPAIR THIS TASK COVERS: a.  Disassembly c.  Inspection b.  Cleaning d.  Assembly INITIAL SETUP: APPLICABLE MODELS PERSONNEL REQUIRED All Automotive repairman MOS 63H SPECIAL TOOLS REFERENCES (TM) Rocker lever block and mandrel set None (15434) ST-691 TROUBLESHOOTING REFERENCES TEST EQUIPMENT Para. 2-8 None EQUIPMENT CONDITION MATERIALS/PARTS Rocker arm housing assembly removed (para. 3-22). Solvent, SD-3 (Appendix C, Item 30) Paper, aluminum oxide, 240-grit SPECIAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS (Appendix C, Item 23) Work area clean and away from blowing dirt and Compound, Prussian blue (Appendix C, Item 9) dust. Oil, lubricating, OE/HDO 30 (Appendix C, Item 21) GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Two O-ring seals (15434) 2000521 Always wear eye protection when working with com- Two plugs (15434) 218736 pressed air. Two special expansion plugs (15434) 161825 LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS a.  Disassembly NOTE Use  this  procedure  to  repair  any  one  of  the  three  rocker  lever  and  housing  assemblies. Quantities shown in legend are for one rocker lever and housing assembly. 1. Two adjusting screws (1), Unscrew and remove from rocker four adjusting screws (4), levers (5), (8), (11), (13), and (15). and six adjusting screw nuts (3) 2. Oil supply screw (22) Unscrew and remove from rocker arm housing (21) and rocker lever shaft (20). 3. Rocker lever shaft (20) and Using suitable punch, press shaft Be careful not to damage bore in six rocker levers (5), (8), (11), (20) out of rocker arm housing rocker arm housing (21).  Tag each (13), and (15) (21) and remove rocker levers rocker lever as removed to ensure (5), (8), (11), (13), and (15). correct assembly. 4. Two O-ring seals (18) Remove from plugs (17). Discard O-ring seals (18). 5. Two plugs (17) a.  Put one plug (17) in vise. Do not put rocker lever shaft (20) in vise. b.  Rotate and pull off rocker lever shaft (20). c.  Repeat steps 5a and 5b for Discard plugs (17). other plug (17). 3-208


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