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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-41.  ROCKER LEVERS AND HOUSING REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS b.  Cleaning 7. Rocker lever shaft (20) Using bottle brush, clean bore in shaft. WARNING Compressed air used for cleaning purposes will not exceed 30 psi (207 kPa).  Use only with effective  chip  guarding  and  protective  equipment  such  as  goggles  or  shield,  gloves,  etc. Failure to comply may result in injury to personnel. 8.  All parts Clean in solvent SD-3 and blow Make sure all gasket material has dry with compressed air. been removed from sealing surfaces of rocker arm housing (21). Refer to para. 3-6 for additional cleaning instructions. c.  Inspection 9. All parts Inspect for cracks, breaks, Discard damaged parts. distortion, and other damage. 10. All threaded parts Inspect for crossthreading, Discard damaged parts. stripping, and other damage. 11. Rocker arm housing (21) a.  Inspect opening of shaft bore Shaft bore opening should have for sharp edges, nicks, or burrs. slight radius.  Sharp edges can be removed by using 240-grit aluminum oxide paper over a split rod, rotating in an electric drill. b.  Check breather vent hole (24) and rocker lever oil passage (23) to make sure they are free of dirt and other foreign material. c.  Using suitable micrometer, Discard rocker arm housing (21) if measure rocker lever shaft measurement is not between bore inside diameter. 1.1238 and 1.1246 in.  (28.545 and 28.565 mm).  (See Appendix F-2.) 3-210


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