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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-41.  ROCKER LEVERS AND HOUSING REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS d.  Assembly 15. Two adjusting screws (1), Screw into rocker levers (5), (8), Be sure to install adjusting screws four adjusting screws (4), (11), (13), and (15). and nuts into correct rocker and six adjusting screw levers. nuts (3) 16. Two new special expansion Press one into each end of rocker plugs (19) lever shaft (20). 17. Two new plugs (17) Using arbor press, install Install both plugs (17) into shaft into rocker lever shaft (20). (20) at same time. 18. Rocker lever shaft (20) a.  Coat with clean lubricating oil. b.  Slide shaft (20) through rocker Let about 0.500 in.  (12.70 mm) arm housing (21) and rocker of shaft (20) extend out of lever assemblies (2), (7), (12), (14), housing (21). and (16). c.  Install lightly oiled new O-ring seal (18) into groove of shaft (20). d.  Push shaft (20) into rocker arm housing (21) until other end extends about 0.500 in.  (12.70 mm), and install other lightly oiled new O-ring seal (18) and push shaft (20) back into rocker arm housing (21). CAUTION Ensure rocker lever shaft is installed correctly.  Setscrew hole must be on top and seven oil holes must be toward flat side of rocker arm housing. 19. Rocker lever shaft (20) e.  Align shaft and housing locking holes and secure oil supply screw (22). f.  Check all rocker levers (5), (8), This will prevent galling of shaft (11), (13), or (15) for freedom of (20) and bushings (6) or (9). movement on shaft (20). NOTE Install rocker arm housing assembly (para. 3-84). 3-216


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