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TM 9-2815-225-34&P Table 2-1.  Mechanical Troubleshooting (Contd). MALFUNCTION TEST OR INSPECTION CORRECTIVE ACTION Step 7.   Check for loose main bearing capscrews. a.  Torque main bearing capscrews (para. 3-68). b.  Check "e" bearings (para. 3-37). Step 8.   Check for worn main bearings. Replace main bearings (paras. 3-31 and 3-68). Step 9.   Check for excessive crankshaft end clearance. Check crankshaft end clearance (para. 3-68). Step 10.     Check for worn crankshaft. Replace crankshaft and install new bearings (paras. 3-31 and 3-68). Step 11.     Check for worn piston pins. Replace worn piston pins and bushings or replace rods (paras. 3-29, 3-39, and 3-69). Step 12.     Check for broken piston. Replace piston (paras. 3-29 and 3-69). Step 13.     Check for incorrect injection timing. Adjust injector system timing (para. 3-72). 10.   EXCESSIVE FUEL CONSUMPTION Step 1.   Check for incorrect valve and injector adjustment. Adjust valves and injectors (para. 3-85). Step 2.   Check for excessive fuel pressure. Test and calibrate fuel pump (para. 3-63). Step 3.   Check for restricted fuel drain. Repair fuel crossover tubes (para. 3-35). Step 4.   Check for defective injector(s). Replace defective injector(s) (paras. 3-23 and 3-82). Step 5.   Check for leaking cylinder head gasket(s). Replace cylinder head gasket(s) (paras. 3-24 and 3-71). Step 6.   Check for incorrect injection timing. Adjust injector system timing (para. 3-72). 11.   EXCESSIVE OIL CONSUMPTION Step 1.   Check for external leaks. a.  Tighten the external oil connections. b.  Replace damaged gasket(s). Step 2.   Check turbocharger oil seals. Replace turbocharger oil seals (para. 3-47). Step 3.   Check for worn, stuck, or broken piston rings. Replace piston rings (paras. 3-29 and 3-69). Step 4.   Check for worn piston(s) and cylinder liner(s). Install new pistons and cylinder liners (paras. 3-67 and 3-69). Step 5.   Check for cracked piston. Replace damaged piston (paras. 3-29, 3-39, and 3-69). 2-6


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