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TM 9-2815-225-34&P Table 2-1.  Mechanical Troubleshooting (Contd). MALFUNCTION TEST OR INSPECTION CORRECTIVE ACTION 12.   EXCESSIVE ENGINE VIBRATION Step 1.   Check for loose or worn engine insulators. Replace mounts (TM 9-2320-283-34). Step 2.   Check for loose or worn cab insulators. Replace insulators (TM 9-2320-283-34). Step 3.   Check for burned valves. Replace valves (para. 3-35). Step 4.   Check for excessive flexdisk and ring gear runout. Correct flexdisk and ring gear runout (para. 3-80). Step 5.   Check for loose flexdisk and ring gear mounting screws. Tighten flexdisk and ring gear mounting screws (para. 3-80). Step 6.   Check for loose flywheel housing screws. Tighten flywheel housing screws (para. 3-80). Step 7.   Check for misalignment of flywheel housing. Align flywheel housing (para. 3-80). Step 8.   Check for unbalanced flexdisk and ring gear. Replace the flexdisk and ring gear (paras. 3-25 and 3-80). Step 9.   Check for loose vibration damper. Tighten vibration damper screws (para. 3-79). Step 10.     Check for unbalanced vibration damper. Install new vibration damper (para. 3-79). Step 11.     Check adjustment of valves and injectors. Adjust valves and injectors (para. 3-85). Step 12.     Check timing for air compressor. Adjust air compressor timing (para. 3-72). Step 13.     Check for incorrect injection timing. Adjust injector system timing (para. 3-72). Step 14.     Check for excessive flywheel runout. Correct flywheel runout (para. 3-38). Step 15.     Check for unbalanced flywheel or one or more injectors not performing properly. a.  Replace flywheel (para. 3-38, step 16). b.  Replace faulty injectors (para. 3-52). 13.   ENGINE WILL NOT IDLE Step 1.   Check fuel pump idle setting. Adjust idle setting (para. 3-93). Step 2.   Check for improperly assembled governor spring. Assemble governor spring correctly (para. 3-60). 2-7


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