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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-44. OIL PUMP REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS c.  Inspection NOTE Inspection   procedures   are   the   same,   including   all   corresponding   measurements,   for M915/Big Cam I and M915A1/Big Cam III oil pump assemblies.  M915A1/Big Cam III is shown. 22. Gears (37) and (46) and Inspect for excessive wear, cracks, Replace if worn, cracked, chipped, pump drive gear (54) chips, or missing gear teeth. or broken. 23. Two sleeve bearings (55) a.  Measure inside diameter. If inside diameter exceeds and sleeve bearing (38) 0.879 in. (22.327 mm), replace sleeve bearing. CAUTION New  sleeve  bearings  must  be  reamed  to  size  after  installation.    Sleeve  bearings  in  pump cover and body must be line-reamed with cover installed on body to ensure accuracy. NOTE Perform steps 23b through 23d only if bushings will be replaced. b.  Press out. Use suitable mandrel. c.  Press in three new sleeve Do not press sleeve bearings (55) and bearings (55) and (38) in body (29) (38) more than 0.020 in. (0.508 mm) and cover (40). below top surface of body (29). d.  Line-ream inside diameter of After reaming, thoroughly clean two new sleeve bearings (55) and body (29), sleeve bearings (55), and (38) to 0.8767-0.8777 in. and sleeve bearing (38). (22.268-22.294 mm). 24. Dowel pin (35) a.  Inspect for damage. NOTE Perform steps 24b and 24c if dowel pin is damaged and will be replaced. b.  Remove using suitable dowel pin extractor. c.  Install using suitable arbor press. 25. Body (29) Inspect for the following: a.  Cracks or damage. Discard if cracked. b.  Damaged or distorted Chase damaged or distorted threads. threads with suitable tap. c.  Gasket surface for scratches, Replace if excessively worn or wear, or damage. damaged. 26. Sleeve bearing (45) a.  Measure inside diameter. One sleeve bearing (45) is located on gear (46) on gear (46).  If inside diameter exceeds 0.879 in. (22.327 mm), replace sleeve bearing (45). 3-254


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