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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-44. OIL PUMP REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS c.  Inspection (Contd) NOTE Perform steps 26b through 26d if gear sleeve bearing will be replaced. b.  Press out. Use suitable mandrel. c.  Press in new sleeve bearing Do not press bushing below top (45) more than 0.020 in. surface of gear (46). (0.508 mm). d.  Line-ream new sleeve bearing Thoroughly clean gear (46) and (45) inner diameter to 0.8767- sleeve bearing (45) after 0.8777 in. (22.268-22.293 mm). reaming. 27. Pump cover (40) Inspect for the following: a.  Cracks or damage. Discard if cracked. b.  Gasket surface for scratches Discard if damaged. or damage. 28. Sleeve bearing (45) on a.  Measure inside diameter. If inside diameter of sleeve cover (40) bearing (45) exceeds 0.879 in. (22.327 mm), replace sleeve bear- ing (45). NOTE Perform steps 28b through 28d if pump cover assembly sleeve bearing will be replaced. b.  Press out.   Use suitable mandrel. c.  Press in new sleeve bearing (45). d.  Line-ream inner diameter of Thoroughly clean pump cover new sleeve bearing (45) to (40) and sleeve bearing (45) 0.8767-0.8777 in. (22.268- after reaming. 22-294 mm). 29. Drive shaft (36) and idler Inspect for the following: shaft (47) a.  Galling, breaks, or cracks. Replace, if galled, broken, or cracked. b.  Check outside diameter If outside diameter is less than using micrometer. 0.874 in. (22.20 mm), discard. c.  Wear on woodruff key slot on Discard if woodruff key (34) fits shaft (36). loosely. 30. Pressure regulator Verify it moves freely in bore of Discard if it sticks, binds, or is plunger (48) body (29). excessively loose. 31. Valve disc (32) Inspect for damage. Discard if damaged. 32. Bypass valve spring (30) Inspect for damage, breaks, or Discard if damaged, broken, or weakness. weak. 33. Power steering pump Inspect for internal wear or Discard if worn or cracked. coupling (43) cracks in spline area. 34. Woodruff key (34) Inspect for wear or cracks.   Discard if any wear or cracks are noticeable. 3-256


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