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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-47.  TURBOCHARGER REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS a.  Disassembly (Contd) 7.   Wheel and shaft (20) Insert brass drift or wood block Heat may cause turbine housing through exhaust outlet end of (21) and bearing housing (14) to turbine housing (21) and hold seize.  If necessary, install in against balance lug nut on wheel press.  Use shop rags to cushion end of wheel and shaft (20).  Tap on wheel and shaft (20), bearing drift or wood block to separate housing (14), and turbocharger bearing housing (14) from turbine impeller (1) as they drop from housing (21).  Hold turbine housing turbine housing (21). (21) to prevent it from moving when striking wheel and shaft (20). Wheel and shaft (20), bearing housing (14), and turbocharger impeller (1) will separate from turbine housing (21). 8.   Turbocharger impeller (1) Partially remove impeller locknut Hold balance lug nut at wheel and impeller locknut (2) (2). and shaft (20) end to keep turbocharger impeller (1) from turning. 9.   Wheel and shaft (20), Hold bearing housing (14) and This will separate wheel and bearing housing (14), and tap impeller locknut (2) with soft shaft (20) from bearing housing turbocharger impeller (1) hammer or install in press. (14).  If necessary to use press, remove impeller locknut (2). 10.     Turbocharger impeller (1) Remove and slide wheel and Discard impeller locknut (2). and impeller locknut (2) shaft (20), insulated packing (17), and heat shield (18) from bearing housing (14). CAUTION Do not use sharp object to pry between diffuser plate and bearing housing.  Failure to observe caution can result in damage to oil seal and turbocharger. 11.     Bearing housing (14) and Remove diffuser plate (10) from Use a 7/8-in. deepwell socket. diffuser plate (10) bearing housing (14). Install at wheel and shaft (20) end and tap with soft hammer (see illustration). 12.     Bearing housing (14), Remove bearing insert pad (12) Discard bearing insert pad (12). bearing (13), and bearing and bearing (13). insert pad (12) 13.     Diffuser plate (10) and Remove sleeve (8).   Push out sleeve (8) with thumbs. sleeve (8) 14.     Diffuser plate (10) and Remove O-ring (11).   Discard O-ring (11). O-ring (11) 3-278


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