Quantcast b.  Cleaning and Inspection

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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-47.  TURBOCHARGER REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS a.  Disassembly (Contd) 15.     Sleeve (8) and ring seal (9) Remove ring seal (9) by Discard ring seal (9). spreading open with snapring pliers or small screwdriver. 16.     Wheel and shaft (20) and Remove two seals (19) with small Discard seals (19). two turbocharger seals (19) screwdriver or snapring pliers. b.  Cleaning and Inspection 17.     All parts Place in a divided wire basket. Carbon deposits will form on Clean with hot water and soap, turbocharger parts.  Divided wire mineral spirits, or steam clean. basket will keep parts from being Use soft brush to clean parts. damaged during cleaning.  Leave parts in mineral spirits cleaning solvent for 12 to 24 hours for max- imum cleaning. WARNING Compressed air used for cleaning purposes will not exceed 30 psi (207 kPa).  Use only with effective chip guarding and protective equipment such as goggles or shield, gloves, etc. Failure to comply may result in injury to personnel. CAUTION Never use a caustic solution solvent that may attack aluminum, Stellite, or nonresistant alloys. 18.     Cleaned parts Blow off excess water and dry with Place parts in clean basket to moisture-free compressed air. avoid damage and dirt. 19. Bearing (13) Inspect for: Discard bearing (13) if specifications below are not a.  Minimum accepted length of met. 3.077 in. (78.156 mm). b.  Outside diameter at two locations shown is a minimum of 1.272 in. (32.309 mm). c.  Inside diameter of corresponding area is a maximum of 0.7525 in. (19.114 mm). d.  Replace bearing if scratches, nicks, or dents are found in above areas. 20. Impeller housing (6) Inspect for chips and scratches.   Use crocus cloth to smooth out small chips and scratches on machined surfaces of impeller housing (6). 21.     Turbine housing (21) Inspect for: a.  Wheel to housing contact.   Use crocus cloth to smooth out small chips and scratches on machined surfaces of turbine housing (21). 3-280


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