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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-47.  TURBOCHARGER REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS c.  Assembly CAUTION All parts and work area must be free of grease, oil, and dirt to keep abrasives out of turbocharger during assembly. 30.     Bearing housing (14) a.  Install bearing (13).   Lightly coat bearing surface with OE/HDO 30 oil. b.  Install new bearing insert Fold down edges of bearing pad (12) over bearing (13) insert pad (12) and coat mating from diffuser plate (10) end. surfaces with OE/HDO 30 oil before installing. 31.     Sleeve (8) Install new ring seal (9).   Lightly coat ring seal (9) with OE/HDO 30 oil.  Expand ring seal (9) to clear sleeve (8).  Do not expand ring seal (9) more than necessary. 32.     Diffuser plate (10) Insert end of sleeve (8) with Lightly coat bore of diffuser plate ring seal (9) installed into (10) with OE/HDO 30 oil before bore of diffuser plate (10).  Spiral insertion.  Use finger pressure grooves must face toward bearing when compressing ring seal (13). (9).  Push sleeve (8) in bore until flush with turbocharger impeller (1) end. 33.     New O-ring (11) Install on diffuser plate (10).   Lightly coat O-ring (11) with OE/HDO 30 oil. 34.     Diffuser plate (10) Install on bearing housing (14). Align bearing (13) flange with Press on diffuser plate (10) with diffuser plate (10).  Make certain palms of hands. bearing insert pad (12) is centered on bearing (13). CAUTION Do not rotate diffuser plate after assembly.  Any rotation will displace and damage bearing insert pad. NOTE New insulated packing must be compressed approximately 0.050 in. (1.27 mm).  Lightly tap packing at four locations with soft-nose hammer but avoid insulation contact with bearing housing. 35.     Bearing housing (14) at Install new insulation Be sure flat side of insulated wheel and shaft (20) end packing (17). packing (17) is up. 36.     Heat shield (18) Install on top of insulated Align locating lugs on heat shield packing (17). (18) with depressions on bearing housing (14) at wheel and shaft (20) end. 37.     Wheel and shaft (20) Install two new turbocharger Expand seals (19) to install. seals (19). Rotate ring gaps 180° apart.  Do not expand turbocharger seals (19) more than necessary. 3-286


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