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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-47.  TURBOCHARGER REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS c.  Assembly (Contd) WARNING The machined edges on the turbine wheel are very sharp.  Wear protective gloves to avoid being cut. 38.     Bearing housing (14) a.  Insert wheel and shaft (20) Ensure sleeve (8) and heat through bore in bearing (13).  Hold shield (18) remain in position. sleeve (8) to keep it from slipping out. b.  Install turbocharger impeller (1) If necessary, mount bearing on wheel and shaft (20). housing (14) in suitable press and press on center of turbocharg- er impeller (1). 39.     Wheel and shaft (20) at Install new impeller locknut (2) Use a suitable socket and turbocharger impeller and tighten to 20-24 lb-ft breaker bar at other end to (1) end (27-32 Nm). prevent assembly from turning. NOTE Place turbine housing assembly on exhaust outlet end to perform steps 40, 41, and 42. Before installing bearing housing, lubricate turbine housing bore with antiseize compound. 40. Turbine housing (21) Insert bearing housing (14) Align marks made before assembly into turbine housing (21).   disassembly. 41.     Turbine housing (21) and Install impeller housing (6) on Align marks made before bearing housing (14) bearing housing (14). disassembly. CAUTION Do not exceed recommended torque.  This causes V-band clamp distortion and loosening. Do not torque V-band clamp again during operation. 42.     Turbocharger assembly a.  Install V-band clamp (5), two There must be a minimum of new screws (3), four new washers 0.035 in. (0.889 mm) clearance (4), and two new locknuts (7). between turbine housing (21) and Tighten to 58-68 lb-in. V-band clamp (5). (6.6-7.7 Nm). b.  Install and tighten adapter (16) Coat with antiseize compound to 20-25 lb-ft (27-34 Nm). before installing. c.  Install and tighten adapter (15) Coat with antiseize compound to 50 lb-ft (68 Nm). before installing. 43.     Turbocharger impeller (1) Inspect for clearance between Push the shaft toward impeller impeller (1) wheel vanes and housing (6) bore. side of impeller housing (6) bore.  Minimum clearance is 0.006-0.025 in. (0.152-0.635 mm). 3-288


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