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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-51. AIR COMPRESSOR REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS d.  Assembly 43. Piston (29), two retaining a.  Install one retaining ring (30) rings (30), pin (31), and on retaining ring groove on piston connecting rod assembly (32) (29). b.  Position and align connecting rod assembly (32) with piston (29). CAUTION Driving pin in pin bore could damage piston.  If pin cannot be installed by hand pressure, pace piston in hot water to expand pin bore and allow pin to be installed. c.  Install pin (31) through pin Use gloves if piston (29) has been bore and connecting rod assembly in hot water. (32) until it seats against installed retaining ring (30). d.  Install other retaining ring (30) on retaining ring groove on piston (29). 44. New ring (28) Install on bottom piston Be careful not to scratch piston ring groove. (29) as ring (28) is installed. 45. New rings (26) and (27) Install in top and middle Be careful not to scratch piston piston ring grooves. (29) as rings (26) and (27) are installed.  Rings are installed with word "top" toward crown of piston (29).  Top and middle rings are dif- ferent and are not interchangeable. 46. New rings (26), (27), and Stagger ring gaps until they are (28) about 180' apart and are not located over pin bore. 47. Piston (29), connecting a.  Lubricate rings (26), (27), and rod assembly (32), and (28), and crankcase assembly (35) crankcase assembly (35) with lubricating oil. b.  Install a standard ring Make sure rings are in grooves compressor on piston (29) of piston (29) and are not in a to compress rings. bind. CAUTION Any difficulty in installing piston and connecting rod assembly into cylinder bore of housing may indicate that a ring is in a bind.  To avoid cracking a ring and damaging cylinder wall, do not force piston into cylinder bore. c.  Install piston (29) and Use a suitable tool with soft connecting rod assembly (32) face to carefully push piston into cylinder bore of housing (37). (29) from ring compressor into cylinder bore. 48. Plate (39) a.  Place on housing (37). b.  Secure with two screws (40). 3-332


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