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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-52. FUEL INJECTOR REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS a.  Disassembly (Contd) 7. Top-stop adapter (7) and Separate. cup retainer (11) CAUTION Do not pry against machined surface when removing two roll pins.  Damage to machine surface may result Do not lose check ball. 8. Barrel (9), injector cup (10), Remove. check ball (12), and two roll pins (13) CAUTION Do not use drills or other instruments to clean cup holes that will alter size of holes.  Wires may  be  used  if  a  smaller  size  wire  is  used  than  spray  hole.    Do  not  use  a  wire  brush  or crocus cloth to clean cup tip area, or damage to cup tip may result. NOTE Most injector failures occur because of dirt.  Clean parts thoroughly before assembly. b.  Cleaning WARNING Approved  solvents  may  be  flammable  and  will  not  be  used  near  open  flame.    Use  only  in well-ventilated area.  Failure to comply may result in injury to personnel. 9. Injector spring (6), top-stop Clean. Soak parts in a suitable cleaning locknut (4), top-stop adapter solvent, such as SD-3, to remove (7), and cup retainer (11) carbon varnish.  This may require several hours of soaking. Neutralize solvent after cleaning by dipping parts in mineral spir- its. 3-342


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