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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-9. REPAIR (Contd) h.    Cylinder Block and Cylinder Head.  Repair of cylinder block and cylinder head is limited to repair procedures outlined in paras. 3-34 and 3-35.  Measurements found to be outside tolerance limits listed in Appendix F will require replacement of block or head. 3-10. ASSEMBLY a.    General.  Extreme care must be exercised in all component assembly operations to ensure satisfactory engine performance. Precautionary rules for assembly are detailed in step b. b.    Precautionary Rules. (1)    Cleanliness is essential in all component assembly operations.  Dirt and dust, even in very small quantities, are abrasive. Parts must be cleaned, as specified, and kept clean until assembly.  Wrap or cover parts and components when assembly procedures are not immediately completed. (2)    Coat all bearings and contact surfaces with engine oil OE/HDO-10 (MIL-L2 104C) to ensure lubrication of parts during initial engine starting. (3)    Replace all gaskets and preformed packings during assembly. c.    Pipe Plugs.  Certain pipe plugs require liquid thread sealant applied to pipe threads prior to installation of plug.  This is done to provide a better seal, and will permit easier removal of pipe plug.  Those pipe plugs requiring sealant will be identified in the task step prior to installation.  The method of sealing these particular plugs is as follows: (1)    Ensure  the  pipe  plug  is  thoroughly  clean  and  dry  prior  to  applying  sealant.    All  dirt,  grease,  oil,  and  scale  must  be removed. (2)    Apply sealant one or two threads from the small or leading edge of plug. (3)    Apply sealant in the same direction as threads.  Ensure sealant flows into inside diameter of threads. (4)    Tighten pipe plugs to their specified torque value.  Do not use power tools.  Torque limits for engine parts are provided in Appendix E. 3-7


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