Quantcast a.  Cup to Plunger Seal Test (Contd)

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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-53. FUEL INJECTOR TESTING; TEST NO.  1 (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS a.  Cup to Plunger Seal Test (Contd) e.  Install on leakage tester (13) Support plate (14) may be tilted and clamp in position. for easier installation.  Use spacer (22). 4. Knurled knob (17) Adjust to obtain proper Do not adjust locknut (18). clearance with feeler gauge (19). 5. Transfer line (24) Install and tighten on drain This is port on right when port of injector assembly (1). facing front of leakage tester (13). 6. T-handle clamp (15) Tighten. 7. Retractor lever (16) Shift from position A to Ensure plunger retracts.  The position B. plunger may stick in cup seat. NOTE Disregard presence of bubbles in bubble checker.  Read air flow meter at top of ball flat. 8. Spacer (22) a.  Rotate in clockwise direction Do not touch plunger top under in small increments while reading spacer (22) or any part of the air flow meter (25).  Stop rotating cleaning mechanism while when highest reading is obtained. taking reading.  External forces will disturb plunger from its nor- mal position and may affect bar- rel-to-plunger leakage in cup area. b.  Air flow meter (25) should not If reading is over 4.5, replace indicate over 4.5. plunger and barrel in injector assembly (1). 9. Retractor lever (16) Shift from B to A. 10. T-handle clamp (15) a.  Loosen.   This will apply 200 lbs (889 kg) load to spacer (22). b.  Check for injector cup leakage as follows: (1) Observe bubble checker (23). Bubbles should not appear during first 10 seconds of testing. (2) Once a bubble does appear, If bubbling is too high, replace observe time it takes for next cup in injector assembly (1). one to appear.  Not more than one bubble can appear every five seconds. 3-354


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