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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-55.  FUEL INJECTOR TESTING; TEST NO. 3 (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS a.  Setting Up Test Stand (Contd) 6. Air valve (21) Open with cylinder at top of its If air is indicated, tighten all line travel; no air should show in connections. hydraulic fluid sight glass (25). CAUTION The master injector is precalibrated and must never be reset or accuracy of test will be affected. 7. Adapter (28) Place on master injector (31). Ensure timing marks are aligned at timing wheel (step 1). CAUTION Ensure  injector  seat  contains  0.020  in.  (0.508  mm)  restrictor  orifice  or  damage  to  injector seat may result. 8. Test stand link (29) Position over plunger link (35). Tip back until test stand link (29) Place master injector (31) in is below test stand pushrod (34) injector seat (32). and not rubbing. 9. Air valve (21) Open to clamp master injector (31) Ensure test stand link (29) is in place. aligned. 10. Hydraulic valve (20) Close to lock master injector (31) in place. 11. Fuel drain connector (33) Connect to adapter (28). 12. Fuel inlet connector (30) Connect to adapter (28). 3-364


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