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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-55.  FUEL INJECTOR TESTING; TEST NO. 3 (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS a.  Setting Up Test Stand (Contd) CAUTION Test oil must be a minimum 90F (32C).  If temperature is not up to 90F (32C), test stand must be warmed up on a standard injector, not a master injector.  If temperature exceeds 95F  (35C),  increase  cold  water  flow.    If  temperature  exceeds  135F  (57C),  drain  and replace with new test oil. 13. Start-stop switch (6) Place in start position. Temperature gauge (8) should read 90-95F (32-35C). 14. Pressure regulator (15) Adjust by turning until fuel Pressure must be maintained at pressure gauge (3) reads 120 psi 120 psi (827 kPa) during injector (827 kPa). calibration. 15. Counter (10) Set as follows: a.  Shift silver counter wheels (38) to the right. b.  Rotate to indicate 1,020 strokes and release. c.  Clear counter (10) by rotating All white counter wheels (37) thumbscrew (36) one complete must read zero. revolution. 16. Flow start switch (7) Press in and out until counter (10) Stir fuel with a rod to settle out reads 1,020 strokes. foam.  Check amount of fuel col- lected in vial graduate (4) at end of 1,020 counter strokes. 17. Vial graduate (4) Look directly into vial graduate (4) Look directly into vial graduate and observe reading. (4) at fuel to avoid parallax. Correct reading is 178 cc at 80 percent of stroke travel. NOTE Reading  of  178  cc  at  80  percent  of  stroke  travel  indicates  test  stand  is  in  calibration.    If reading  is  more  than  178  cc,  test  stand  is  not  set  up  properly.    Repeat  set-up  steps  if reading is below 178 cc. 18. Counter (10) a.  Roll counter (10) back. Refer to step 15. b.  Set counter (10) up seven strokes for each cc less than 178 cc. 19. Vial graduate (4) Dump fuel. 20. Flow start switch (7) Press in and out until counter (10) sets strokes to obtain 178 cc. NOTE If counter is set beyond 1,050 strokes to obtain 178 cc, test stand is not properly calibrated. Repeat set-up steps.  If counter reads 1,050 or below, test stand is in calibration. 21. Start-stop switch (6) Place in stop position. 3-366


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