Quantcast d.  Adjusting and Measuring Fuel Delivery (Contd) - TM-9-2815-225-34P_411

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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-55.  FUEL INJECTOR TESTING; TEST NO. 3 (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS d.  Adjusting and Measuring Fuel Delivery (Contd) NOTE   If  fuel  delivery  is  more  than  176  cc,  a  new  adjustable  orifice  must  be  installed  in  the injector.  Tighten orifice plug to 8-10 lb-in. (11-14 Nm).   Orifice plugs have flanges and require a gasket between flange and adapter. g.  Replacement inlet orifice plugs on burnishing tool (51) contain enough stock in inside diameter so a small displacement of metal by burnishing will increase fuel delivery. 52. Fuel inlet connector (30), Disconnect from adapter (28). Turn out large knob (48) on fuel drain connector (33), burnishing tool (51). and burnishing tool (51) 53. Injector assembly (39) Remove from test stand link (29). 54. Plunger (40) and injector Remove from injector assembly spring (42) (39). 55. Adapter (28) Remove from injector assembly (39). 56. Test stand link (29) Slide out of adapter (28). 57. Two pins (46) and retainer Remove from adapter (28). plate (47) 58. Filter and screen clip (43) Install on orifice plug inlet opening and filter screen (44) (45) of injector assembly (39). 59. Plunger (40) and injector Install on injector assembly (39). spring (42) 3-380


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