Quantcast 3-59.  FUEL GEAR PUMP REPAIR

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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-59.  FUEL GEAR PUMP REPAIR THIS TASK COVERS: a.  Removal d.  Inspection b.  Disassembly e.  Assembly c.  Cleaning f.  Installation INITIAL SETUP: APPLICABLE MODELS REFERENCES (TM) All None SPECIAL TOOLS TROUBLESHOOTING REFERENCES Pressurizing valve driver (15434) 3375959 Para. 2-8 TEST EQUIPMENT EQUIPMENT CONDITION None Fuel damper and head removed (para. 3-58). MATERIALS/PARTS SPECIAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS Solvent, SD-3 (Appendix C, Item 30) Work area clean and away from blowing dirt and Oil lubricating, OE/HDO 30 dust (Appendix C, Item 21) Four lockwashers (15434) 181466 GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Gasket (15434) 110855    Always wear eye protection when using com- Gasket (15434) 3016683 pressed air.    Use approved solvent in well-ventilated area and PERSONNEL REQUIRED away from open flame. Fuel and electrical systems repairman MOS 63G LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS a.  Removal 1.   Four screws (4), lockwashers Remove from fuel pump (20). Tap sides of fuel gear pump (3), fuel gear pump assembly assembly (7) with plastic-faced (7), and gasket (19) hammer to help loosen.  Discard lockwashers (3) and gasket (19). b.  Disassembly NOTE The fuel supply elbow contains a check ball.  Do not replace with a standard elbow. 2.   Fuel supply elbow (1) and Remove from gear body (13). adapter (2) 3.   Two screws (5), washers (6), Remove from gear body (13).   Discard lockwashers (3). and lockwashers (3) 4.   Gear body (13) a.  Install two screws (4) on threaded holes of gear body (13). b.  Tap screws (4) with soft-nose Discard gasket (16). hammer to separate gear body (13) from gear cover (9). 5.   Idler shaft (12), drive shaft Remove from gear body (13). Do not separate gears (11) from (17), and two gears (11) shafts (12) and (17) at this time. 3-398


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