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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-59.  FUEL GEAR PUMP REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS e.  Assembly NOTE Prior to assembly, place gear cover and gear body on bench. 13.     Four bearing sleeves (15) Install on gear cover (9) and gear Perform this step only if bearing and dowel ring (8) body (13). sleeves (15) and dowel ring (8) were removed from gear body (13) and gear cover (9). 14.     Pipe plug (14) Install on gear body (13).   Tighten plug (14) to 10-13 lb-ft (14-18 Nm). 15.     Two gears (11) Press on idler shaft (12) and drive Perform this step only if gear was shaft (17) 0.680-0.690 in. (17.272- removed from shaft.  Repeat this 17.526 mm) away from gear step for each gear. body end of shaft. 16.     Pressure valve (18) Using pressurizing valve driver, Use pressurizing valve driver install on gear cover (9). (3375959).  Pressure valve must be even to 0.015 in. (0.381 mm) below face of gear cover (9).  If valve is damaged at all during installation, replace with new valve. NOTE   Location of notches or ridges and drive shaft determine pump rotation.   When  a  right-hand  rotation  pump  is  being  assembled,  place  driven  gear  shaft  of  gear pump  in  pocket  nearest  locating  notches  or  ridges.    Place  driving  gear  shaft  in  other pocket.  The dowel ring is always located around drive shaft. 17.     Idler shaft (12), drive shaft Lubricate and install on gear Ensure all parts are clean. (17), and two gears (11) body (13). 18.     Gear cover (9) and new a.  Install on gear body (13). Ensure location notches are gasket(16) aligned. b.  Install two screws (5), washers (6), and new lockwashers (3). NOTE Drive shaft must protrude 2.370-2A12 in. (60.198-61.265 mm) from gear body.  End clearance should not exceed 0.0015 in. (0.0381 mm), nor be less than 0.0009 in. (0.0228 mm).  Gaskets are  available  in  0.0020  and  0.0015  in.  (0.0509  mm  and  0.0381  mm).    If  pump  binds,  has excessive  play  or  gear  backlash,  check  for  error  in  assembly  which  must  be  corrected  to prevent early pump failure.  Total gear backlash must be 0.001-0.004 in. (0.0254-0.1016 mm). 3-402


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