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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-13. MOUNTING ENGINE ON MAINTENANCE STAND (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS WARNING The stamped steel oil pan on M915A1/Big Cam III or M915/Big Cam I engines must not be used  to  support  weight  of  engine;  the  pan  will  permanently  deform  and  may  collapse allowing  engine  to  fall  over.    Failure  to  comply  may  result  in  damage  to  equipment  and injury to personnel. e.  After cleaning, set on engine Ensure engine is supported by stand or suitable blocks, and cylinder block (12), flywheel remove lifting fixture (2) from two housing (14), or front support (11). lifting brackets (3). Do not support engine on oil pan (13). 3-13


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