Quantcast b.  Disassembly (M915A1/Big Cam III)

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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-61.  FUEL PUMP FRONT COVER AND GOVERNOR REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS b.  Disassembly (M915A1/Big Cam III) CAUTION Exercise caution when removing weight-assist plunger.  A slight nick can cause extensive damage.  After removal, place plunger where it will not be damaged. 5.   Governor assembly (25) a.  Before removing, check shaft of Shaft has excessive wear if it can governor assembly (25) for exces- be moved from side to side in sive wear. governor bushing (9).  Discard gov- ernor assembly (25) and governor bushing (9) if there is excessive wear. b.  Check gear backlash between Normal backlash is 0.005-0.009 in. gear of governor assembly (25) (0.127-0.228 mm).  Discard governor and fuel pump drive gear (12). assembly (25) and fuel pump drive gear (12) if backlash is more than 0.009 in. (0.228 mm). c.  Remove governor bushing (9) Use internal engaging puller to from cover assembly (8). remove bushing (9). 6.   Weight-assist plunger (22), Remove from governor assembly Be careful not to lose spring (24) shims (23), and spring (24) (25). and shims (23) during removal of plunger (22).  Keep plunger (22), shims (23), and spring (24) togeth- er. 7.   Screw (16) and washer (17) Remove from fuel pump drive coupling (18) and fuel pump drive shaft (20). 8.   Fuel pump drive coupling Using suitable puller, remove (18), tachometer drive gear from fuel pump drive shaft (20). (19), and coupling key (15) 9.   Retaining ring (11) Remove from fuel pump drive Use hose clamp pliers. shaft (20). 10.     Fuel pump drive shaft (20), Press out of cover assembly (8). bearing (10), fuel pump drive gear (12), and coupling (13) (assembled) 11.     Two shaft seals (14) Press out of cover assembly (8) Discard two shaft seals (14). or remove from fuel pump drive shaft (20). 12.     Coupling (13) and gear (12) Press from fuel pump drive shaft Do not press bearing (10) from (20). fuel pump drive shaft (20) at this time. 13.     Tachometer drive housing Remove from cover assembly (8). (3) 14.     Shaft (2), seal (4), spacer Using brass punch, remove Discard tachometer drive seal (4). (5), bushing (6), and gear (7) from cover assembly (8). 15.     Gear (7) and bushing (6) Remove from tachometer drive shaft (2). 3-410


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