Quantcast g.  Disassembly (M915/Big Cam I)

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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-61.  FUEL PUMP FRONT COVER AND GOVERNOR REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS g.  Disassembly (M915/Big Cam I) 37. Governor drive shaft (12) a.  Before removing, check drive Drive shaft (12) has excessive wear shaft (12) for excessive wear. if it can be moved from side to side in governor housing (14).  Discard governor housing (14) if there is excessive wear. b.  Check gear backlash between Normal backlash is 0.005-0.009 in. gear (9) and drive gear (26). (0.127-0.228 mm).  Discard collar (13), gear (9), and drive gear (26) if backlash is more than 0.009 in. (0.228 mm). 38. Governor drive assembly Remove. snapring (11), ball key (30), and collar (13) 39. Drive shaft (12) Press on opposite gear end and remove all units from housing (14). 40. Drive gear (2) and support Remove from reservoir (21). (3) Remove drain plug, dipstick, vent plug, and elbow. 41. Locknut (22) and washer (23) Remove from shaft (31). 42. Coupling gear (24) Press on small end of sham (31) Use coupling puller (ST-1249). to remove shaft from support (3) and large end of shaft to remove drive gear (26). 43. Spacers (25) and governor Remove. drive gear (26) 44. Two keys (32) Remove from shaft (31) keyways. 45. Snapring (27) and support Remove and invert support and (3) press out rear bearing (28) and oil seal (29). h.  Inspection (M915/Big Cam) NOTE After disassembly, check bearing for worn race or rough action.  Check gears for chipped, broken teeth, or uneven wear.  Inspect governor shaft housing oil holes to make certain they are open and clear of foreign matter. 46. Support (3) and reservoir Inspect for cracks, breaks, or Replace all damaged, worn, or (21) rough mating surfaces. defective parts as necessary. 3-420


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