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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-62.  FUEL PUMP MAIN HOUSING REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS c.  Inspection and Repair (Contd) 29. Governor barrel (42) (Contd) (8) Scribe a centerline on new This mark is used to line up fuel governor barrel (42) and housing passages so fuel flow will not (38) as shown in figures A and B. have any restrictions. (9) Heat housing (38) in oven to 300F (149C). (10) Apply a thin coat of high- pressure lubricant on new governor barrel (42). (11) Place spring pack housing (41) into housing (38). (12) Place governor barrel (42) in Line up location scribe marks on bore of housing (38) with chamfered barrel (42) and governor housing end first and location pin on (38). bottom side. (13) Press into housing (38) using Ensure retaining pin holes of an arbor press if necessary, until barrel (42) and housing (38) are it bottoms against spring pack aligned. housing (41). (14) Using governor barrel Use lock-clip driver (3376136). lock-clip driver (61), install roll Slot of roll pin (39) must be pin (39) with ST-853 driver toward front of housing (38). through plug hole in bottom of housing (38) with the slot of the pin to front of housing. 30. Governor plunger a.  Inspect for damage or wear. If governor plunger (36) outside assembly (33) If only the thrust washer is worn, diameter is worn, replace it with a drive retainer from end of plunger new plunger of the same class assembly (33) and pull the governor size as etched on barrel face. plunger drive from the plunger Replace damaged or worn plunger assembly (33).  If it is necessary to assembly (33). remove the stop sleeve, press the stop sleeve off the shaft. b.  Selecting a new class size Select a new class 2 (green color plunger (36).  See chart. code) plunger and attempt to fit it in the barrel; if plunger enters, try a class 3 (yellow).  Keep trying larger sizes until one will not fit, then select a plunger two sizes smaller. The plunger must drop into the bore of its own weight.  Remark governor barrel with the new class size of the plunger. 31. Housing (38) Inspect throttle shaft sleeve in Discard housing (38) if throttle shaft housing (38) for damage. sleeve is damaged. 32. Nameplate (23) a.  Inspect for damage. If damaged, do step 32b. b.  Remove two drive screws (24) and discard nameplate (23). c.  Install new nameplate (23) Be sure to transfer information and drive screws (24). from damaged nameplate (23) to new nameplate. 3-434


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