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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-62.  FUEL PUMP MAIN HOUSING REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS d.  Assembly 36. Five pipe plugs (22) and (57) Install on housing (38). Tighten to 5-8 lb-ft (7-11 Nm). 37. Torque spring (56) and Install on governor plunger Put small diameter of spring (56) and shims (34) assembly (36). on shoulder end of plunger (33) with twisting motion to avoid damaging spring. 38. Governor plunger assembly Install on housing (38). (33), shims (34), and torque spring (56) (assembled) NOTE For fuel pump used in M915/Big Cam I engine, perform step 38a. a.  If governor spacer (35) was Ensure notched end goes on removed, press governor spacer plunger (36) first with notches (35) on plunger (36). facing toward governor barrel (42). CAUTION The  governor  plunger  has  a  Lubrite  finish.    Protect  it  by  laying  governor  plunger  on  a copper-jawed vise or V-block to prevent damage to finish when installing pin. b.  Assemble governor plunger driver (37) through governor spacer (35) and drive into plunger (36).  Driver (37) must have interference fit in plunger. c.  Drive retainer pin through plunger (36) and plunger driver (37). NOTE The chamfered side of governor spacer must be installed next to driver.  There must be at least 0.002-0.005 in. (0.05-0.13 mm) clearance between spacer face and driver so spacer will "float." d.  Install the torque spring (56) Put small end of spring (56) on and shims (34) as required. shoulder end of plunger (36) with a twisting motion to avoid distorting spring (56). Springs and Specifications Table COLOR WIRE DIA. POUNDS LENGTH FREE LENGTH CODE INCHES(MM) NUMBER LOAD (KG) INCHES (MM) INCHES (MM) Red/Yellow 0.051 (1.30) 5.5 6.601-7.04 0.340 0.640-0.660 (3.0-3.2) (8.64) (16.26-16.76) Red/Purple 0.148 (3.76) 3.7 47.0-51.0 0.850 1.200 (21.34-23.15) (21.59) (30.48) 3-436


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