Quantcast k.  Fuel Pump Main Pressure Adjustment

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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-63.  FUEL PUMP TESTING AND CALIBRATION (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS k.  Fuel Pump Main Pressure Adjustment 80. Selector valve (36) Turn to ROTAMETER position. 81. Fast button (25) Depress until pump speed is at Pressure gauge (8) must be 2100 rpm as indicated on maintained at 50.00 in. Hg. tachometer (7). (180,000 kPa). 82. Flow control valve (37) Adjust until exactly 470 pph is Pressure indicated on the fuel indicated by the flowmeter pressure gauge (8) should be glass tube (38). 157 psi (1082 kPa) at 470 pph.  If pressure is not correct, perform steps 82 through 84.  If pressure is correct, go to step 85. 83. Throttle shaft (50) Remove throttle ball (104) if not Center punch and drill out with already removed. 1/4-in.  drill bit.  Be careful when drilling so bore of throttle shaft (50) does not get damaged. Discard throttle ball (104). 84. Throttle shaft internal fuel Adjust until proper fuel pressure Turn adjusting screw (105) adjusting screw (105) is obtained. counterclockwise to increase pressure or clockwise to decrease pressure.  If torque required to turn adjusting screw (105) is less than 100-112 lb-in.  (11-12 Nm), a new screw should be installed. 85. Throttle shaft (50) Install new throttle ball (104) with Throttle ball installation tool (106) throttle ball installation tool (106). is part of AFC fuel pump adjusting tool kit (3375189). Recheck governor cutoff rpm, steps 50 through 56, after making main pressure adjustment. 3-502


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