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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-63.  FUEL PUMP TESTING AND CALIBRATION (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS m.  AFC Plunger Setting Procedures (Contd) 98. Flowmeter glass tube (38) Allow fuel to escape until float in tube stabilizes at or near zero. NOTE Air   pressure   during   AFC   plunger   setting   procedures   must   always   be   reached   while increasing  air  pressure  on  the  AFC  bellows.    If  specified  pressure  reading  is  overshot, reduce the pressure to 0 in. Hg. (0 kPa) on fuel pressure gauge (2), and wait until the fuel flow stabilizes at or near zero in flowmeter glass tube before increasing or decreasing the setting. 99. Pressure regulator (9) Adjust to increase air pressure reading on pressure gauge (8) to exactly 10.00 in. Hg. (36,000 kPa). 100.   Flow control valve (37) Adjust until fuel flow through flowmeter glass tube (38) is exactly 385 pph as indicated by float in tube. CAUTION   The  AFC  adjusting  tool  must  be  used  with  care.    The  large  movable  center  hex  socket engages  the  nut  that  retains  the  AFC  bellows  to  the  plunger.    Use  a  hex-head  socket wrench to move the plunger in and out to attain the proper adjustment.   If large hex socket is not properly engaged, the AFC bellows can be torn or ripped.  The proper sequence is to first engage the large hex socket, then the smaller hex socket, and finally the hex-head socket wrench. NOTE If adjustment is required, reduce air pressure to 9 psi (62 kPa). 101.   AFC adjusting tool (91) a.  Using adjusting tool, adjust AFC adjusting tool (91) is part of fuel pressure reading on fuel AFC fuel pump adjusting tool kit pressure gauge (2) to a reading of (3375189).  During this adjustment, 83-87 psi (572-599 kPa). it may be necessary to adjust the flow control valve (37) to maintain the fuel flow rate of 385 pph.  Use extreme care; fuel flow rate must be maintained during tightening to an approximate value of 25-35 lb-in. (2.8-3.9 Nm). CAUTION The AFC plunger can be very easily broken when tightening the jamnut.  Use extreme care when tightening three jamnuts to the required 25-35 lb-in. (2.8-3.9 Nm) torque.  The large and small hex sockets must be fully retracted after loosening the plunger jamnut to avoid interfering   with   the   AFC   piston   travel.      If   the   AFC   piston   position   is   disturbed   while adjusting the plunger, repeat the entire adjustment sequence (steps 94 through 101). 3-510


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