Quantcast o.  Removing Fuel Pump from Test Stand (Contd)

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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-63.  FUEL PUMP TESTING AND CALIBRATION (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS o.  Removing Fuel Pump from Test Stand (Contd) 115.   Test stand coupling insert Remove from test stand (1). (74) 116.   Throttle shaft cover (52) Do not install on fuel pump main Throttle shaft cover (52) must be and two screws (49) housing (51) at this time. removed to perform on-engine fuel pump adjustment.  A cover will be installed after on-engine fuel adjustment has been made. 117.   Throttle lever (48) a.  Remove from throttle shaft (50). b.  Installed on throttle shaft (50) in on-engine operating position. FOLLOW-ON TASKS: Install fuel pump (para. 3-78). Perform on-engine fuel pump adjustment (para. 3-93). 3-516


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