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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-68.  ENGINE CRANKSHAFT AND MAIN BEARINGS INSTALLATION THIS TASK COVERS: Installation INITIAL SETUP: APPLICABLE MODELS PERSONNEL REQUIRED All Automotive repairman MOS 63H SPECIAL TOOLS REFERENCES (TM) None None TEST EQUIPMENT TROUBLESHOOTING REFERENCES None Para. 2-8 MATERIALS/PARTS EQUIPMENT CONDITION Oil, lubricating, OE/HDO 30 Engine crankshaft and main bearings removed (Appendix C, Item 21) (para. 3-31). Oil, lubricating, gear 60-80/140 (Appendix C, Item 22) SPECIAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS Fourteen lockplates (15434) 140218 Work area clean and away from blowing dirt and Main bearing set dust. Standard:   (15434) 3801260 0.010 Under:   (15434) 3801261 GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 0.020 Under:   (15434) 3801262 Use extreme caution during assembly; engine com- Four thrust bearing washers ponents are heavy. Standard:   (15434) 0.010 Over:   (15434) 0.020 Over:   (15434) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS Installation CAUTION   The cylinder block saddle and cap mating surfaces must be clean and dry when bearing halves are installed or engine damage may result.   Wipe main bearing bores, main bearings, engine crankshaft, and related parts with a clean cloth.  Ensure cloth does not leave any particles or lint in or on parts and bores or engine damage may result. NOTE   The  upper  main  bearings  have  a  groove  and  oil  hole  to  permit  lubrication  of  engine crankshaft; the lower main bearing halves do not.  The upper main bearings for No. 2, 4, and 6 are the same.  The groove in upper main bearing half for No. 7 is not in the center. Install the No. 7 main bearing so wider part of bearing (from groove) is toward flywheel end  of  the  cylinder  block.    Each  main  bearing  has  a  groove.    Install  main  bearings  so grooves will fit retaining rings.   Check for marks on crankshaft  to  determine  size  of  main  bearings  and  thrust  rings.    If there are no marks, use standard-size parts. 3-544


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