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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-68.  ENGINE CRANKSHAFT AND MAIN BEARINGS INSTALLATION (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS Installation (Contd) 12. Crankshaft (4) a.  Use hands to rotate.  If crankshaft (4) does not rotate freely, refer to para. 3-37, Engine Crankshaft Repair. b.  Install a dial indicator on rear of cylinder block (1) with contact tip resting on crankshaft flange end face. c.  Pry crankshaft (4) toward Use a suitable prybar. front of cylinder block (1). d.  Remove prybar and set dial indicator to zero. e.  Pry crankshaft (4) toward The total end clearance for a rear of the cylinder block (1). new crankshaft (4) and new thrust bearing washers should be 0.007- 0.018 in. (0.178-0.457 mm). Maximum clearance for worn parts is 0.022 in. (0.559 mm). f.  If clearance is less than 0.007 in., (0.178 mm) proceed as follows: (1)  Loosen fourteen screws (10) one turn. (2)  Pry crankshaft (4) toward front and rear of cylinder block (1). (3)  Tighten fourteen screws (10) according to steps 11 a, b, and c. (4)  Recheck end clearance. g.  If clearance is more than 0.022 in. (0.559 mm), use oversize thrust bearing washers. 13. Fourteen lockplates (9) Bend tangs against heads of fourteen screws (10). FOLLOW-ON TASK:   Install piston, connecting rod, and bearings (para. 3-69). 3-550


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