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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-74.  OIL PUMP INSTALLATION (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS Installation (Contd) NOTE Perform steps 7 through 9 for M915/Big Cam I only. 7.   New gasket (10) (M915/ Install on oil pump assembly (11). Big Cam I) 8.   Oil pump assembly (11) Position in mounting hole of Ensure pump drive gear (7) of (M915/Big Cam I) cylinder block (1). oil pump assembly (11) aligns with teeth on camshaft gear (9). 9.   Three screws (12), two Install on oil pump assembly Tighten to 40 lb-ft (54 Nm). screws (14), and five new (11) and cylinder block (1). lockwashers (13) (M915/ (Big Cam I) NOTE The oil pump gear backlash check procedure is identical for both M915/Big Cam I and M915A1/Big Cam III engines. 10.     Pump drive gear (7) (M915/ Check for backlash against Big Cam I and M915A1/ camshaft gear (9) as follows: Big Cam III) (1) Install dial indicator and Use dial gauge attachment (15) sleeve assembly (16) and dial (ST-1325) and dial indicator and gauge attachment (15) on front of sleeve assembly (16) (3376050). cylinder block (1), and position tip of indicator (16) against a tooth of pump drive gear (7). (2) Rotate pump drive gear (7) as Ensure camshaft gear (9) does as far as it will freely move. not move. (3) Turn dial of indicator to zero. (4) Rotate pump drive gear (7) in Minimum backlash is 0.002 in. opposite direction.  The reading (0.051 mm) and maximum on indicator (16) shows amount of backlash is 0.016 in.  (0.406 mm). backlash between gears.   Replace pump drive gear (7) if not within specifications.  Refer to para. 3-44 for pump drive gear (7) removal and installation. FOLLOW-ON TASK: Install front gear cover (para. 3-75). 3-582


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