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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-76.  ACCESSORY DRIVE PULLEY INSTALLATION THIS TASK COVERS: Installation INITIAL SETUP: APPLICABLE MODELS REFERENCES (TM) All None SPECIAL TOOLS TROUBLESHOOTING REFERENCES Pulley installation assembly tool Para. 2-8 (15434) 3376326 EQUIPMENT CONDITION TEST EQUIPMENT Front gear cover installed (para. 3-75). None SPECIAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS MATERIALS/PARTS Work area dean and away from blowing dirt and Lubricant, high-pressure (Appendix C, Item 15) dust. Locknut (15434) 3012526 GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS PERSONNEL REQUIRED None Automotive repairman MOS 63H LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS Installation NOTE Remove pipe plug from front gear cover and ensure timing marks on camshaft gear and accessory drive gear are aligned.  Reinstall pipe plug in front gear cover and torque to 35-45 lb-ft (48-61 Nm). 1.   Accessory drive shaft (7) Coat with high-pressure Refer to Appendix C, Item 15. lubricant. 2.   Accessory drive pulley (4) a.  Line up keyway with dowel pin (M915/Big Cam I) or acces- (8) in accessory drive shaft (7). sory drive pulley assembly (6) (M915A1/Big Cam III) b.  Position on dowel pin (8) and drive shaft (7). c.  Install on accessory drive shaft Use pulley installation assembly (7) until seated. tool (3376326). NOTE Discard and replace keyway seal if it is deteriorated or damaged. 3.   Keyway seal (5) Install on keyway of accessory Ensure short leg of keyway drive pulley (4) (M915/Big Cam I) seal (5) faces toward inside of or accessory drive pulley assembly accessory drive shaft (7) and washer (6) (M915A1/Big Cam III). (3) will crush against "L" of seal (5). 4.   New locknut (2) and washer Install and tighten on accessory Tighten locknut (2) to 300-310 lb-ft (3) drive shaft (7). (407-420 Nm).  Hold crankshaft at flywheel end when applying torque. 3-590


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