Quantcast c.  Attenuator Air Tank Installation (M915/Big Cam I Only)

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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-78. FUEL PUMP INSTALLATION (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS c.  Attenuator Air Tank Installation (M915/Big Cam I Only) NOTE Perform steps 22 through 28 for M915/Big Cam I equipped with air supply attenuator air tank.  Some Big Cam I engines may or may not have an ASA air tank. Air aftercooler must be installed to install air supply attenuator air tank.  Refer to para. 3-87. 22. Clamp (14), screw (21), new Install on air tank (24). lockwasher (18), and nut (17) (M915/Big Cam I) 23. Clamp (14) and air tank Position on air aftercooler (35). (24) (M915/Big Cam I) 24. Screw (23), new lockwasher Install on clamp (14) and air (18), and washer (22) aftercooler (35). (M915/Big Cam I) 25. Elbow (20) (M915/Big Cam I) Install on air aftercooler (35). 26. Adapter (47) and checkvalve Install on air tank (24). (15) (M915/Big Cam I) 27. Adapter (47) (M915/Big Install on fuel pump (10). Cam I) 28. Two air supply hoses (19) a.  Install one air supply hose (19) and four hose clamps (16) with two hose clamps (16) between (M915/Big Cam I) adapter (47) on air tank (24) and adapter (47) on fuel pump (10). b.  Install one air supply hose (19) with two hose clamps (16) between checkvalve (15) on air tank (24) and elbow (20) on air aftercooler (35). FOLLOW-ON TASKS: Install fuel filter and water separator (TM 9-2320-273-20 or TM 9-2320-283-20). Install fuel pump engine retarder switch (TM 9-2320-283-20). Install vibration damper and crankshaft pulley (para. 3-79). 3-604


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