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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-79. VIBRATION DAMPER AND CRANKSHAFT PULLEY INSTALLATION THIS TASK COVERS: Installation INITIAL SETUP: APPLICABLE MODELS REFERENCES (TM) All None SPECIAL TOOLS TROUBLESHOOTING REFERENCES Two vibration damper guide pins Para. 2-8 (Appendix D, Item 2) EQUIPMENT CONDITION TEST EQUIPMENT Front gear cover installed (para. 3-75). None SPECIAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS MATERIALS/PARTS Work area clean and away from blowing dirt and Oil, lubricating, OE/HDO 30 dust. (Appendix C, Item 21) GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS PERSONNEL REQUIRED None Automotive repairman MOS 63H LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS Installation CAUTION To avoid engine damage, ensure mounting surfaces of vibration damper and crankshaft are clean and dry.  Do not get any lubricating oil on these surfaces. 1. Two vibration damper Install on two opposite holes in See Item 2, Appendix D. guide pins (5) face of crankshaft (6). 2. Crankshaft pulley (4) and Install on two guide pins (5) and vibration damper (3) push onto crankshaft (6) until seated. 3. Six screws (1) and washers a.  Apply a coat of clean Use OE/HDO 30 lubricating oil. (2) lubricating oil to threads of screws (1) and face of washers (2). b.  Install on vibration damper Install four screws (1) and (3), crankshaft pulley (4), and washers (2), then remove crankshaft (6). two guide pins (5) and install remaining two screws (1) and washers (2).  Tighten screws (1) to 190 lb-ft (258 Nm). 4. Vibration damper (3) a.  Using dial indicator, measure Total indicator reading must not movement on vibration damper (3) exceed 0.004 in.  (0.102 mm) per circumference by rotating 1.0 in.  (25.4 mm) of the damper crankshaft (6). diameter.  Remove and discard vibration damper (3) if not within limits. 3-606


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