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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-80. FLEXPLATE OR FLYWHEEL, FLYWHEEL HOUSING, AND REAR COVER INSTALLATION (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS Installation (Contd) NOTE New rear main seals have an assembly tool which protects seal lip during shipment and installation. Do not use any lubricant to install seal.  Oil seal must be installed with lip of seal and crankshaft clean and dry. 2. New seal (4) (with assembly a.  Install on crankshaft. Position largest diameter of tool) assembly tool toward cylinder block (11). b.  Push seal (4) from assembly Remove and discard assembly tool onto crankshaft. tool. c.  Using crankshaft rear oil seal Use crankshaft oil seal driver driver (12), drive seal (4) on (ST-997) (12).  Install pins on rear cover (M915/Big Cam I) or driver before using. cover (M915A1/Big Cam III) (2). CAUTION If  a  new  flywheel  housing  is  being  installed,  dowel  pins  must  be  removed  from  cylinder block  prior  to  installing  housing  to  prevent  damage  to  housing.    The  housing  must  be doweled with oversize dowel pins after alignment. 3. Two dowel pins (10) Remove dowel pins (10) if installing new flywheel housing (6) and dowel is damaged or outside diameter is less than 0.5005 in. (12.713 mm). NOTE M915/Big  Cam  I  engines  are  equipped  with  a  wet  flywheel  housing  which  utilizes preformed packings between flywheel housing and cylinder block. Perform steps 4b and 4c for M915/Big Cam I only. 4. Flywheel housing (6)   a.  Install two flywheel housing Guide pins are used to support guide pins on cylinder block (11). flywheel housing (6) (see Appendix D, Item 3). b.  For wet-type flywheel Lubricate preformed packing (9) housings (M915/Big Cam I), install with OE/HDO 30 oil prior to new preformed packing (9) on installation. crankshaft flange. CAUTION If  engine  is  to  be  tested  with  dynamometer,  preformed  packing  must  not  be  installed  on crankshaft until after test.  Dry-running will destroy this seal. c.  For wet-type flywheel housing Use an approved gasket adhesive (M915/Big Cam I), install eleven to seal preformed packings (5) to new preformed packings (5) on flywheel housing (6) and cylinder flywheel housing (6) (M915/Big block (11). Cam I). d.  Install flywheel housing (6) on Tighten screws (7) to 10-20 lb-ft cylinder block (11) with seven (14-27 Nm). screws (7) and washers (8). 3-610


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