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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-80. FLEXPLATE OR FLYWHEEL, FLYWHEEL HOUSING, AND REAR COVER INSTALLATION (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS Installation (Contd) 4. Flywheel housing (6) (Contd) e.  Remove two flywheel housing Tighten screws (7) to 10-20 lb-ft guide pins and install two remain- (14-27 Nm). ing screws (7) and washers (8). f.  Check location of bore as follows: (1) Install dial gauge attachment Use dial gauge attachment (14) and dial indicator and sleeve (ST-1325) (14) and dial indicator assembly (13). and sleeve assembly (3376050) (13). (2) Using chalk, mark housing at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions. (3) Check readings at 3 o'clock If runout exceeds 0.008 in. and 9 o’clock positions. (0.203 mm), move flywheel hous- ing (6) horizontally one-half dis- tance of total indicator reading. Use prybars to move housing. (4) Check readings at 12 o'clock If runout exceeds 0.008 in. and 6 o'clock positions. (0.203 mm), move flywheel hous- ing (6) vertically one-half distance of total indicator reading.  Use pry- bars to move housing. (5) Check circumference of bore. Total indicator reading must not Use a prybar to move the exceed 0.008 in.  (0.203 mm). housing. Adjust flywheel housing (6) until within limit. (6) After readings are within Use prybars to move flywheel limits, tighten screws (7) to housing (6). 140-160 lb-ft (190-217 Nm) as shown in tightening sequence (15). g.  Check alignment of flywheel housing (6) as follows: (1) Adjust dial indicator and sleeve assembly (13) to measure alignment of face on flywheel housing (6). (2) Push crankshaft toward front of cylinder block (11) to remove crankshaft end clearance. (3) Rotate crankshaft and check Ensure crankshaft is pushed alignment of face on flywheel toward front of cylinder block (11) housing (6). when checking alignment.  Total indicator reading must not exceed 0.008 in.  (0.203 mm).  If alignment is not within limits, remove fly- wheel housing (6) and check mat- ing surfaces. h.  If dowel pins (10) were removed from cylinder block (11), use a drill and fixture to ream dowel holes to next oversize and install two new dowel pins (10) if required. 3-612


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