Quantcast Installation (Contd) - TM-9-2815-225-34P_664

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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-82.  INJECTOR ASSEMBLY INSTALLATION (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS Installation (Contd) 3. Retaining plate (M915/ Install on injector assembly Big Cam I) or clamp (M915A1/Big Cam I) or fuel (M915A1/Big Cam III) (2) injection nozzle assembly (M915A1/ Big Cam III) (7). 4. Detent plunger (1) Install on top of injector assembly (M915/Big Cam I) or fuel injection nozzle assembly (M915A1/Big Cam III) (7). 5. Two screws (8) Install and tighten in steps of 5 lb-ft (7 Nm) until a final torque of 12 lb-ft (16 Nm) is obtained. 6. Detent plunger (1) Check for free movement after tightening.  If detent plunger (1) does not move freely, loosen two screws (8) and retighten.  Detent plunger (1) must move freely. FOLLOW-ON TASK:  Install and adjust valve crossheads (para. 3-83). 3-634


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