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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-85.  INJECTOR AND VALVE ADJUSTMENT (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS Adjustment (Contd) 2. Injector adjustment for Adjust as follows: cylinder No. 3 a.  Loosen the adjusting screw The rocker lever assembly (10) nut (8) several turns. for the injector is between the intake and exhaust valves. b.  Tighten adjusting screw (9) until all clearance is removed between rocker lever assembly (10) and injector detent plunger. Then tighten adjusting screw (9) one additional turn. c.  Loosen the adjusting screw (9) Turn counterclockwise to loosen. one complete turn until the The spring washer cannot be spring washer inside the injector seen.  When tension is removed is against the stop of the injector. from adjusting screw (9), this usually indicates that the spring washer is against the stop of the injector. d.  Tighten the adjusting screw (9) Repeat step 2d several times to to 5-6 lb-in. (0.6-0.7 Nm). make certain that it is correctly tightened. e.  Keep adjusting screw (9) from If torque driver (ST-669) (12) turning and torque adjusting is used, tighten adjusting screw screw nut (8) to 45 lb-f (61 Nm). nut (8) to 35 lb-ft (48 Nm). NOTE The adjustment procedure for the intake valve is similar to the exhaust valve, except for valve clearance difference. 3. Intake and exhaust valve Adjust as follows: adjustment for cylinder No. 5 a.  Loosen adjusting screw nut (8). Do not rotate engine crankshaft until completing all of step 3. b.  Put a feeler gauge between the Cold valve clearance for the rocker lever assembly (10) and exhaust valve is 0.023 in. the crosshead (11). (0.584 mm) and valve clearance for the intake valve is 0.011 in. (0.279 mm). c.  Slowly tighten the adjusting screw (9) until the rocker lever assembly (10) touches the feeler gauge. d.  Hold the adjusting screw (9) in If torque driver (ST-669) (12) place and torque adjusting screw is used, tighten adjusting screw nut (8) to 45 lb-ft (61 Nm). nut (8) to 40 lb-ft (54 Nm). 3-646


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