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TM 9-2815-225-34&P List of Tasks TASK PROCEDURES TASK TROUBLESHOOTING PARA. REF. REF.  NO.  (PARA.) 1 Starting Repaired Engine 3-91 2-8 a.  Installation of Engine on Dynamometer 3-91a b.  Priming Cooling System 3-91b c.   Priming Fuel System 3-91c d.  Priming Lubricating System 3-91d e.  Prerun Startup 3-91e 2 Engine Dynamometer Testing 3-92 2-8 a.  Setup 3-92a b.  Break-in Running 3-92b c.   Power Check 3-92c d.  Smoke Level Check 3-92d e.  Final Check 3-92e 3 On-Engine Fuel Pump Adjustment 3-93 2-8 a.  Preadjustment Checks 3-93a b.  Idle Speed Adjustment 3-93b c.   High Speed Adjustment 3-93c d.  High Idle Speed Adjustment 3-93e e.  Checking and Adjusting Fuel Rate 3-93f Pressure f.    Checking and Adjusting Engine Fuel 3-93g Rate g.  Checking and Adjusting Throttle 3-93h Leakage h.  Checking Engine Power 3-93h i.    Checking Fuel Filter Restriction 3-93i j.    Fuel Pump Seal Installation 3-93j k.   Throttle Shaft Cover Plate Installation 3-93k 3-673


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