Quantcast c.  Priming Fuel System

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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-91.  STARTING REPAIRED ENGINE (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS 3.   Water supply and return Secure to engine cooling system hose inlet and outlet connections. 4.   Fuel consumption gauge Connect to fuel pump.   Refer to manufacturer's instructions. 5.   Throttle linkage Connect to lever control. Refer to manufacturer's instrument instructions. 6.   Turbocharger assembly a.  Connect suitable exhaust piping to exhaust side. b.  Connect suitable filtered air intake piping to intake side. b.  Priming Cooling System 7.   Drainvalve (5) Open.   Fill cooling system with a 50/50 mixture of permanent ethylene glycol antifreeze and water until it flows from drainvalve (5), then close and complete priming of cooling system. c.  Priming Fuel System WARNING Do not perform fuel system procedures while smoking or within 50 ft (15.2 m) of sparks or open  flame.    Diesel  fuel  is  flammable  and  may  explode.    Failure  to  comply  may  result  in injury to personnel. 8.  Spin-on fuel filter (7) Fill with clean diesel fuel. 9.  Fuel pump (9) a.  Remove case fill plug (10). b.  Fill fuel pump (9) with clean diesel fuel. c.  Reinstall case fill plug (10). d.  Priming Lubricating System 10.     Full-flow oil filter element Fill with clean OE/HDO 30 oil. (13) and bypass oil filter element (12) CAUTION Remove turbocharger oil supply hose from turbocharger adapter, and lubricate bearing with approximately  2-3  oz  (59-89  ml)  of  clean  engine  oil.    Also,  fill  oil  supply  hose  with  engine lubricating oil.  Connect oil supply hose.  Failure to prelubricate turbocharger may result in bearing damage. 11.  Crankcase Fill to low mark (L) on dipstick.   Refer to LO 9-2320-273-12 or LO 9-2320-283-12. 12.  Internal hexagon plug (11) Remove.   Internal hexagon plug (11) is located on cylinder block flange at oil pump. 3-676


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