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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-18.  ACCESSORY DRIVE HOUSING ASSEMBLY REMOVAL THIS TASK COVERS: Removal INITIAL SETUP: APPLICABLE MODELS REFERENCE (TM) All None SPECIAL TOOLS TROUBLESHOOTING REFERENCES None Para. 2-8 TEST EQUIPMENT EQUIPMENT CONDITION None Air compressor removed (para. 3-17). MATERIALS/PARTS SPECIAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS Gasket (15434) 200809 Work area clean and away from blowing dust and dirt. PERSONNEL REQUIRED Automotive repairman MOS 63H GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS None LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS Removal Five captive washer screws (4), Remove from front gear cover (1). If loose, hold accessory drive accessory drive housing assembly housing assembly (3) when (3), and gasket (2) removing last screw (4). Otherwise, free housing (3) by tapping with soft-nose hammer. Discard gasket (2). FOLLOW-ON TASKS: For repair of accessory drive housing assembly (para. 3-49). For installation of accessory drive housing assembly (para. 3-73). 3-40


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