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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-92.  ENGINE DYNAMOMETER TESTING (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS NOTE At  each  phase,  record  crankcase  pressure  blow-by,  engine  speed,  and  load  at  one- minute intervals.  Watch for increases or wide shifts in blow-by pressure.  If a sudden increase  in  blow-by  pressure  occurs  or  if  blow-by  exceeds  12"  H2O,  return  to  the previous phase test or repeat phase 1 test and operate engine an additional 15 minutes. If  blow-by  does  not  reach  an  acceptable  level  after  repeating  test  for  15  minutes, discontinue test and determine cause.  If blow-by is within an acceptable level, proceed to next phase test. After each test, check for fuel, air, water, oil, or exhaust leaks and correct as necessary. b.  Perform phase 2 test.  Apply Refer to phase 2 test in test chart. load to engine (8) at ±10 percent horsepower, ±5 percent speed. Return fuel from injector drain is Check pressure with blow-by routed through float tank so when measuring tool (4).  Set idle speed float tank is filled, float valve to 600 rpm and set full load opens and allows return fuel flow governed speed to 2100 rpm. to flowmeter.  The amount of fuel Adjust load and rpm until specified being consumed by engine will readings are obtained.  Set fuel flow through flowmeter and rate.  Operate air compressor (7) show rate of fuel consumption in pumping mode. in pounds per hour.  Turbocharger engines do not require fuel deaer- ating below maximum altitudes shown in table 3-1.  Above maximum altitudes, deaerate at 4 percent for each 1000 ft (305 m) additional altitude and 1 percent for each 10°F (-12°C) air temperature rise above 12°F (-11°C). c.  Perform phase 3 test.  Apply Refer to phase 3 test on table 3-1. load to engine (8) at ±10 percent horsepower, ±5 percent speed. Check crankcase pressure with blow-by measuring tool (4).  Operate air compressor (7) in pumping mode. CAUTION After  phase  4  test  is  completed,  allow  engine  to  run  at  low  idle  for  a  minimum  of  three minutes before shutting down. d.  Perform phase 4 test.  Apply load Refer to phase 4 test in test chart. to engine at ±10 percent horse- power ±5 percent speed.  Check crankcase pressure with blow-by measuring tool (4).  Check for leaks and retighten all external screws to correct specifications.  Operate air compressor (7) in non-pumping mode. NOTE Readjustment  of  valves  and  injectors  after  one  hour  of  operation  is  necessary  to  assure lowest smoke potential and avoid excessive injector loads. 6. Valves Recheck valves. Refer to para. 3-85. 7. Injectors Recheck injectors. Refer to para. 3-85. 3-686


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