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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-93.  ON-ENGINE FUEL PUMP ADJUSTMENT THIS TASK COVERS: a.     Preadjustment Checks f.   Checking and Adjusting Engine Fuel Rate b.    Idle Speed Adjustment g.  Checking and Adjusting Throttle Leakage c.     High Speed Adjustment h.  Checking Engine Power d.    High Idle Speed Adjustment i.    Checking Fuel Filter Restriction e.     Checking and Adjusting Fuel Rail j.    Fuel Pump Seal Installation Pressure k.   Throttle Shaft Cover Plate Installation INITIAL SETUP: APPLICABLE MODELS EQUIPMENT CONDITION All    Fuel control lever and throttle linkage adjusted (TM 9-2320-273-34 or TM 9-2320-283-34). SPECIAL TOOLS    Fuel lines connected (TM 9-2320-273-20 or Fuel pump idle adjusting tool (15434) 3315981 TM 9-2320-283-20). Throttle shaft ball installing tool    Engine mounted to dynamometer (para. 3-91). (15434) 3315204    Fuel pump primed (para. 3-91).    Engine at operating temperature.  Fuel tempera- TEST EQUIPMENT ture not above 110°F (43°C) (para. 3-91). Dynamometer    Tachometer connected to tachometer drive shaft connection (para. 3-91). MATERIALS/PARTS    Shutoff valve electrical connection made.  Manual Gasket (15434) 10105 control valve dosed (screwed out) (para. 3-88). Throttle shaft ball (15434) 213159    Injection timing adjusted (para. 3-72). Lockwire and seal (15434) 3003156    Valves and injectors adjusted.  Fuel manifold pres- Throttle shaft cover (15434) 3000466 sure gauge connected (para. 3-85). Two drive screws (15434) 5-2286    Throttle shaft ball removed if fuel rail pressure adjustment is needed (para. 3-62). PERSONNEL REQUIRED Automotive repairman MOS 63H SPECIAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS Work area clean and away from blowing dirt and REFERENCES (FM) dust. LO 9-2320-273-12 TM 9-2320-273-20 GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS TM 9-2320-273-34    Diesel fuel is highly flammable.  Do not perform LO 9-2320-283-12 fuel pump adjustments near fire, flames, or TM 9-2320-283-20 sparks. TM 9-2320-283-34    Allow adequate ventilation for engine exhaust. TROUBLESHOOTING REFERENCES Para. 2-8 LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS WARNING   Allow  adequate  ventilation  for  engine  exhaust  gases.    Failure  to  comply  may  result  in brain damage or death to personnel.   Do not perform fuel system procedures while smoking or within 50 ft (15.2 m) of sparks or open flame.  Diesel fuel is flammable and may explode.  Failure to comply may result in injury to personnel. a.  Preadjustment Checks CAUTION Do not alter pump settings to match gauges and tachometers of unknown accuracy. 3-690


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