Quantcast d.  High Idle Speed Adjustment

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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-93.  ON-ENGINE FUEL PUMP ADJUSTMENT (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS 9.   Spring retainer (12) Remove. 10.     New shim(s) (13) Add or remove from behind Each 0.001 in. (0.025 mm) shim spring (14).  High speed adjust- thickness will change speed ment should be 2130 to approximately two rpm. 2150 rpm. 11.     Spring retainer (12) and Install on guide (15). Use snapring pliers.  Make certain snapring (11) shim(s) (13) do not slip off of guide (15). 12.     Spring pack cover (9) Secure with three captive Tighten screws (6) and (8) to washer screws (6), screw (8), 9-11 lb-ft (12-15 Nm).  Screw (8) and four washers (5). has hole drilled through head for sealing wire insertion. d.  High Idle Speed Adjustment NOTE Do  not  use  this  check  to  make  governor  speed  adjustments.    If  no-load  speed  is  much greater than specifications, examine governor for malfunction or faulty parts. 13.     Engine (1) a.  Operate to purge air from fuel system and bring up to operating temperature. b.  Bring to full throttle and hold. Speed should be 10-12 percent Note maximum rpm. greater than governor speed cutoff point.  If on-engine fuel pump adjustments made with engine mounted in vehicle, rpm will depend on engine parasitic loads (fan, pumps, etc.). e.  Checking and Adjusting Fuel Rail NOTE   It  should  not  be  necessary  to  adjust  fuel  rail  pressure  on  a  newly  calibrated  fuel  pump more than ± 2 psi (± 14 kPa).  If adjustments greater than this are required, fuel pump test stand, injector test stand, or engine problems may exist.  Do not remove throttle shaft ball unless fuel rail pressure adjustment needs to be performed.   The  correct  method  of  checking  engine  fuel  rail  pressure  is  with  engine  installed  on  a chassis or engine dynamometer. 14.     Governor speed cutoff Check setting point.   Adjust, if necessary. 15.     Fuel rail pressure gauge (19) Install between fuel supply elbow (18) on fuel pump assembly (3) and female union tee (17). 16.     Engine(1) Bring to full throttle load until Accurate tachometer must be rpm falls to rated speed. used to measure rpm. 17.     Fuel rail pressure gauge (19) Note reading. If pressure is above or below the minimum specification, do step 18. If OK, go to step 19. 3-694


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