Quantcast f.  Checking and Adjusting Engine Fuel

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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-93.  ON-ENGINE FUEL PUMP ADJUSTMENT (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS 18.     Threaded stud (24) To adjust fuel rail pressure: CAUTION Do not turn threaded stud out beyond maximum throttle travel.  The fuel hole in the throttle shaft  will  begin  to  close.    Never  adjust  fuel  rail  pressure  above  maximum  specifications. This will void engine warranty and violate EPA requirements. a.  Turn out to get maximum This will reduce throttle throttle travel.  Secure with restriction. jamnut (23). b.  Remove throttle shaft ball (20).   Refer to para. 3-62. c.  Turn fuel adjusting screw (22) in throttle shaft (21) in to increase or out to decrease pressure while watching fuel rail pressure gauge (19). d.  It should not be necessary to adjust fuel manifold pressure on a newly calibrated pump more than ± 2 psi (± .14 kPa).  If adjustments greater than these are required, fuel pump test, injector test stand, or engine problems may exist. e.  Install throttle shaft ball (20) into end of throttle shaft (21) with throttle shaft ball installing tool (3375204) (25) after adjustment. f.  Checking and Adjusting Engine Fuel 19.     Fuel pump assembly (3) Connect suitable fuel rate meter (26). NOTE The  fuel  rate  specified  on  fuel  pump  calibration  specifications  is  at  full  throttle  and  rated speed.  An engine or chassis dynamometer must be used.  Accurate fuel rail pressure and speed readings must also be taken. 20.     Engine (1) a.  Bring engine (1) to full throttle and increase dynamometer load until engine rpm falls to rated speed. b.  Check governor speed cut-off while a load is on engine (1). c.  Check fuel rail pressure gauge (19) at maximum speed. d.  Hold engine speed and load at maximum speed long enough for fuel rate meter (26) to stabilize. e.  Verify correct fuel rate measure- ment with fuel rate meter (26). 3-696


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