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TM 9-2815-225-34&P Section VI.  GENERAL MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS 3-94.  GENERAL This section provides general instructions for temporary storage, long-term storage, and preparing an engine from storage to service. Additional information concerning storage of equipment can be found in TM 740-90-1. 3-95.  TASK SUMMARY TASK PROCEDURES PARA 3-96.   Temporary Storage a.  General Instructions b.  Out-of-Service Engines 3-97.   Long-Term Storage a.  General Instructions b.  Out-of-Service Engines 3-98.   Preparing an Engine from Storage to Service a.  General Instructions b.  Cleaning the Engine c.  Inspecting the Engine d.  Additional Inspection 3-96.  TEMPORARY STORAGE a.    General Instructions.  All surfaces of an engine will rust or corrode if they are not protected.  Ensure all outside surfaces of engine are painted before placing it in storage.  Protect inside of engine during storage as described below. b.    Out-of-Service Engines.  If an engine remains out of service from three or four weeks, to a maximum of six months, take steps to prevent rust.  The operations listed below are required to prevent damage to engines in temporary storage. (1)    Start engine and gradually increase speed to 1200 rpm with no load.  Operate engine until water temperature is at least 160°F (71°C). (2)    Stop engine and disconnect both fuel lines at fuel supply tank.  Fill two portable containers, one with diesel fuel and a second with preservative oil, U.S. Military Specification VV-L-800, Type P-9. (3)    Start  engine  with  fuel  inlet  line  pulling  fuel  from  can  with  diesel  fuel.   Let  drain  line  flow  into  same  container  with  inlet diesel fuel.  After engine is started and is running at idle, move fuel line to container with preservative oil.  Operate engine 5 to 10 minutes on preservative oil.  Stop engine and reconnect fuel lines to supply tank. (4)    The oil sump (crankcase) fuel filter and fuel tank must be drained and drainplugs installed.  New oil can be added to the sump. (5)    Rotate engine crankshaft while applying a spray of LOW oil into intake manifold and air compressor. (6)    Put tape over all intake manifold openings to keep out dirt and moisture. (7)    Put tape over all engine openings including coolant inlet, cylinder block, oil breather, and crankcase. 3-704


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