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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-98.  PREPARING AN ENGINE FROM STORAGE TO SERVICE CAUTION Excess preservative oil in the combustion chamber can cause a hydraulic lock.  Engine damage will occur if started before oil is removed. a.    General  Instructions.    When  an  engine  is  removed  from  storage  and  put  into  service,  operations  listed  below  must  be completed. b.    Cleaning the Engine.  Do the following to prepare engine for service: (1)    Remove all dirt from the outside of engine. (2)    Remove all paper covers and tape. (3)    Use solvent to remove rust preventative from engine exterior. (4)    Fill crankcase with clean oil. (5)    Flush cooling system and refill with permanent-type antifreeze in a mixture suitable for appropriate temperature range. c.    Inspecting the Engine.    Check  for  proper  adjustment  of  injectors,  valves,  and  belts  if  engine  was  held  in  storage  for  six months or less.  Also check the oil filters, air filters, hose connections, and cylinder-head screws. d.    Additional Inspection.  When engine has been in storage for six months or more, the following specific procedures must be followed: (1)    Flush fuel system with fuel oil until fuel system is clean. (2)    Remove plug from oil filter head and run hot, light, mineral oil through oil passages.  Rotate engine by hand three or four times during the flushing operations. (3)    Remove all filter screens and make sure they are clean before starting the engine. (4)    Apply oil under pressure to lubricating system before starting engine. (5)    Ensure all preservative oil is flushed away. FOLLOW-ON TASK:  Perform procedures under Starting Repaired Engine (para. 3-91). 3-706


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