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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
a. General. Procedures for inspection will be the same for most parts and components which comprise the engine
subassemblies. To avoid repetition of instructions, the general procedures for inspection are detailed in b thru h
below. Any inspection procedures which are peculiar to a specific part or component are covered in the section
or paragraph relating to the item.
b. Castings.
(1) Inspect all ferrous and nonferrous castings for cracks using a magnifying glass and strong light. Particularly
check the areas adjacent to studs, pipe plugs, threaded inserts, and in sharp corners and fillets.
(2) Inspect machined surfaces of castings for nicks, burrs, and raised metal. Mark damaged areas for repair.
(3) Check all mating flanges on housings and supports for warpage with a straightedge or on a surface plate.
Inspect mating flanges for discoloration which may indicate persistent oil leakage.
(4) Inspect all pipe plug and capscrew-tapped openings for damaged or stripped threads.
(5) Check all castings for conformance to applicable repair standards (table 3-1).
c. Ball Bearings.
(1) Refer to TM 9-214 for inspection of bearings. Check all bearings for conformance to applicable repair
standards (table 3-1).


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